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Entwurf Kern- und PufferzoneThe good is enclosed by a central zone. It basically comprises the ensemble of the spa quarter with the parts of the town that belong to the health resort, the hotel zone in the Römer- and Lahnstraße, the area around the station and the elegant residential area at the slope of the Malberg as well as the hillside of the Bäderlei with the Concordiaturm as a particularly strikingly scenic element, quasi the background the health resort is embedded. In this central zone the building stock from the times of the “Great Spas” is preserved at an extremely high rate and Ortsplan Bad Ems um 1862in an outstanding quality. Integrity (intactness) and authenticity (originality) are key terms in the application procedure. The central zone is surrounded by a buffer zone. It is to protect the good and is oriented towards the sight horizon.

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