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New thermal bath

  A new dimension
  of well-being

  In december 2012 one of
  the most modern and
  attractive well-feeling
  thermal baths in Germany
  has been opened.
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Ride on!

The Ems Bikepark

  The Ems Bikepark 

  High above Bad Ems a
  makes every biker’s heart
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Canoe Trips

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Kanufahrer auf der LahnsCanoeing in the Nassau Nature Park is one of the special attractions. There is nearly no better and original way to explore the unique landscape far away from hectic pace. You pass untouched floodplains or steep rock faces and behind each bend of the river you can discover something new. On the way you will find enough possibilities to steer for a picnic area or a campsite. There are some moorings that can only be reached by boat – solitariness is guaranteed. Those who want to can stop in one of the picturesque small towns and can carry on your adventure trip on foot for a few hours. The ultimate happiness for every “Lahn Indian” is camping on a campsite, of course, the romance of campfire included.


Ideal starting point or end for boat trips

Bad Ems is an ideal starting point or end for boat trips, as it has got three campsites and professional boat hire. Here you can hire canoes and Canadian canoes of different size – life jackets and waterproof containers included. And after a tour barbecues are possible on the banks, of course. You may travel particularly ecologically and sporty if you change to a hired bicycle and cycle back to your starting point. But going by train is more comfortable, as there are suitable stations in the Lahn valley.

Suggestions for tours

Here you can find some suggestions for tours during your stay. Whether you carry out the tours as  a one-way or a return tour combined with bike or train, you will always have many possibilities.

Half a day:
Nievern – Lahnstein 8 kilometres
Obernhof – Dausenau 11 kilometres
Nassau – Fachbach 12.5 kilometres

Two days
Obernhof – Fachbach 18 kilometres
Laurenburg – Dausenau 20 kilometres
Laurenburg – Dausenau – Lahnstein 34 kilometres
Balduinstein – Obernhof – Fachbach 38 kilometres

Four days
Runkel – Diez – Laurenburg – Fachbach 64 kilometres

Übersichtskarte Lahn: Lahnstein bis ObernhofÜbersichtskarte Lahn: Obernhof bis LimburgÜbersichtskarte Lahn: Limburg bis Weilburg

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The “Golden Rules” for boat tours
Large parts of the river Lahn and its floodplains are protected as they are especially valuable nature areas. You can help with your thoughtful behaviour that these nature areas can be experienced for many more years.

Please don’t go through  stands of plants (e.g. reeds, yellow water lilies etc.), directly next to the bank or across sandbanks as there are very often breeding places and spawning areas  or rest areas for animals and they react very sensitively on disturbances. Groups should always stay together.

Void noise as animals feel disturbed by that.

Especially for boat tourists there are special markings for places where you can get off and board or stop off. Landing is only allowed in these places. Take care of the other parts of the bank.

Dispose your rubbish in the waste containers at the marked moorings.

You can stay overnight in the Lahn valley on the campsites and in one of the many hotels, pensions and guesthouses. You cannot stay overnight on lock islands. Unofficial camping is forbidden.

Show consideration for anglers and rowers.

Wear life jackets for your safety.

Show consideration for other tourists. Make sure by your behaviour that other guests can enjoy their visit to the river Lahn.


Canoe hire

Firma Kreutz
Hire and barbecue place for groups
Campingplatz Dausenau
56132 Dausenau
Tel.: 02603-13964
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Firma GM Sports
Hire and barbecue place for groups
Insel Oberau
56133 Fachbach
Tel.: 02603-933466
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Further information

You will find our arrangements for canoe tours » here...
For information about technical aspects (locks, water level etc.) see » here...


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